GUARANA (Paullinia cupana): Benefits, Uses and Virtues of Guarana? Medicinal properties? Dosage? Side-effects of Guarana? Origins, Composition, Expert opinions, Combination with other plants and more Information on Guarana.


Guarana (Paullinia cupana) is a sacred plant that originated in the Amazonian forest and was used for more than 3,000 years by the Indians. Guarana has become very well known as a highly effective tonic plant, thanks in no small part to the fact that it contains 4-5 times more caffeine (guaranine) than coffee itself. Guarana, which could be described as an extra powerful coffee, is as well known for its powerful effect of increased vigilance and reduced fatigue as for its famous  appetite suppressant effect. It is thus a very effective stimulant that reinforces the potential of the body and its immune system.

Guarana: Medicinal properties

Energy – Anti-fatigue – Vigilance

force– considerable increase in vigilance (+++) (short term)
– strongly reduces the sensation of fatigue (+++) (short term) (synergy with Ginseng)

– increases strength (++) and endurance (+++) (traditionnal use) (synergy with Ginseng)
– combats drowsiness (+++) (notably while driving)
– stimulates the nervous system (+++)
– increases available resources (+++) (short term)
– tonic action, muscular efforts, sport (++) (synergy with Spirulina and Maca)
– aphrodisiac, stimulates the libido, strengthens erections (++) (synergy with Maca)
– reinforces the immune system and stimulates the body (++)

Concentration – Stress – Memory


– improves intellectual performance (+++) (synergy with Ginseng)
– facilitates learning (++)
– increases concentration (++) (synergy with Rhodiola)
– improves reflexes (++)
– relieves migraines, headaches (++)
– reduces the effects of stress (+) (short term)
– increases blood circulation (+)

Fat burning – Weight loss – Digestion

– natural appetite suppressant, reduces the desire to eat (+++)
– promotes weight loss (++) (synergy with Spirulina)
– activates the burning of fat (++)
– combats diarrhea, bloating, digestive problems (++) (synergy with Turmeric)
– facilitates disposal of waste through urine (++)

Undesired effects – Danger

– can increase blood pressure (+) (strong dosage)
– can cause heart palpitations (+) (strong dosage)
– can increase insomnia, anxiety, agitation (++) (especially when taken in the evening)
– not recommended for those with high blood pressure (+) (strong dosage)
– can cause stomach irritation, heartburn (+) (strong dosage)
– can cause nausea and vomiting (+) (strong dosage)



Guarana: Origins

Guarana (Paullinia cupana) originated in the Amazon and was used by the Indians for its energising and appetite suppressant effects, as well as for treating diseases such as malaria and dysentry (this usage has since been forgotten, and was never proven). The plant was also used for its astringent properties. Guarana was also used for its astringent, tonic and antidiarrheal properties. The Indians continue to use the plant for its appetite suppressant effects, and go for long walks in the forest with only Guarana for nourishment, which stimulates them. Today, Guarana is a climbing plant that is found mainly in the Amazonian forest, and is cultivated in its natural environment in Brazil. Its usage has spread widely across the world, and it has come to be especially used for its stimulating and revitalizing effects, which are well suited to the needs of our modern society.

Guarana: Composition

Guarana contains guaranine, a molecule that is very closely related to caffeine but whose effects are 4-7 times stronger than caffeine. Guarana also contains tannins (which give the plant its astringent properties), vitamins A, E, B1, B3, PP, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphor, some trace elements such as selenium and strontium, as well as amino acids.

Guarana: Dosage

It is best to consume Guarana in the morning or at midday, due to its stimulant effects. However, Guarana may also be taken at night to avoid falling asleep on the road while driving – the plant brings a considerable increase in vigilance in the short term. 2-4 grams of Guarana should be taken per day. In Brazil, consumption varies from 4-8 grams/day; however, Brazilians do not consume other stimulants.

Guarana: Ultimate effects, benefits, virtues

Guarana’s main benefit is to keep the body awake and alert, and as such it is most useful to those who have a need to stay alert and awake during a given period of time. In general, the effects of Guarana last no more than several hours, and it passes through the body relatively quickly. Guarana is the ultimate medicinal plant for providing energy that lasts for 3-4 hours. Furthermore, it strongly promotes concentration and presence of mind. Guarana is thus a powerful neurostimulant, but this is not its only virtue. It is also a very effective natural fat burner; it activates the combustion of body fat, converting it into a readily available source of energy. Guarana also promotes the healthy functioning of the metabolism and the immune system, helping the body to be more resistant to various attacks such as bacteria and virus.

Guarana: Side-effects, contraindications

Guarana is not recommended for pregnant women or young children. Guarana should be consumed in moderation, as it has numerous side-effects. However, within the recommended dosage, the undesired effects of Guarana are rarer. The main side-effects are increased blood pressure, heart palpitations and heartburn. However, within the recommended dosage, the body flushes it out quite easily and the effects cease in a matter of hours. Unlike Ginseng or Rhodiola which reduce fatigue, stimulate the memory and fortify the body in the medium/long term, Guarana has a efficient short term effect.

Guarana: Opinions of experts

Guarana is a plant that is used by many people, particularly in Brazil, but as is the case with coffee, which is used by millions of people throughout the world, this is not to say that it is necessarily good for general health. Should Guarana be taken occasionally? Yes. Daily? No. Nevertheless, it should be noted that Guarana is also very effective in both preventing and slowing down the progression of different diseases, by the process of reinforcing and stimulating the body and forcing it to react. The plant does not have any real aphrodisiac effects, but since it works to provide a rapid increase in physical and mental strength, it helps to create a stimulating effect on the libido and sexual desire, similarly to plants such as Maca or Tribulus, even if the effect is more short term.

Guarana: More Information

Guarana was used by the Indians during great famines in order to reduce the sensation of hunger and to restore the energy and vitality needed in such times.Today, the benefits of Guarana in terms of appetite suppression and fat burning are used to promote weight loss and crash dieting (combined with Spirulina in order to prevent deficiencies).

Guarana: Combination with other plants

Guarana is often combined with Ginseng and Royal Jelly (fatigue, concentration, energy), but can also be combined with Rhodiola and Ashwagandha (physical and mental well-being, intellectual concentration), Maca and Tribulus (libido, aphrodisiac, energy), Turmeric (digestive problems, protection of the liver), Spirulina (energy, muscular mass, helps with weight loss, prevents deficiencies during dieting or exercise). However, in order to better understand the effects of each plant, it is preferable to test them separately.

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