LEMON (Citrus limon): Benefits and Virtues of Lemon and Lime? Medicinal properties of the Lemon tree and its fruits? Dosage? Side-effects of Lemon? Origins, Composition, Expert opinions, Combination with other plants and more information on Lemon, Lime and the Lemon tree.


“Lemon” (Citrus limon) is a citrus fruit that grows on lemon trees. More than just a vitamin C-rich fruit, Lemon is a powerful medicinal plant with numerous benefits that have been enjoyed for over 3,000 years. The medicinal properties of Lime are very close to those of Lemon. Lemon is effective in fighting flu, tonsillitis, headache, colds and a large number of illnesses. It also helps greatly in stopping hemorrhages, regulating blood pressure, improving digestion, cleaning the blood and skin, promoting dieting and weight loss… Lemon’s broad range of medicinal benefits give it a reputation as a Swiss knife of herbal medicine. 

Lemon: Medicinal properties

Antiseptic – Antibiotic – Antiviral

immunité– major antiseptic (+++) (Lemon fights effectively against around 20 different germs)
– antiviral (++) (synergy with Echinacea, Cinnamon, Propolis, Thyme)
– stimulates the immune system (++) (synergy with Echinacea, Propolis)
– flu, cold (++) (synergy with Ginger, Propolis, Cinnamon)
– otitis, ENT infections  (++) (synergy with Propolis, Garlic, Echinacea) (traditional usage)
– sore throat, cough, tonsillitis (++) (synergy with Propolis, Thyme)
– food or drug poisoning (++) (synergy with Cinnamon, Propolis, Thyme)
– antioxidant, senescence, premature aging (++)
– general tonic (++) (Lemon has a tonic effect in the morning and a calming effect at night)
– immunostimulant, promotes the production of white blood cells (lymphocytes, leukocytes) (++)
– plays a role in the prevention of breast, stomach, colon, intestinal, oral, ovary and lung cancer (++) (synergy with Turmeric, Cinnamon, Goji berry) (several studies awaiting confirmation on the possible preventive benefits of Lemon for each form of cancer)
– prevents cysts (++)
– anti-allergy, asthma, lungs, sinusitis (++) (synergy with Echinacea, Scots Pine, Eucalyptus)
– bronchopulmonary infections (++) (synergy with Echinacea, Thyme, Scots Pine)
– laryngitis, pharyngitis (++)
– headache, migraine (+++) (synergy with Ginkgo Biloba, Peppermint)
– fever, febrility, antipyretic, reduces fever (++) (synergy with Echinacea, Propolis, Ginger)
– Lyme disease (++)
– protects the body from pollution and from cigarette smoke (++) (synergy with Propolis, Garlic, Echinacea, Turmeric)
– drains the lymph (++) (Lemon promotes the healthy functioning of the lymphatic system)
– snake bites, rabid animals, jellyfish stings (+++) (traditional usage) (synergy with Propolis, Echinacea, Garlic)
– fights scurvy (traditional usage) (synergy with Goji berry, Sea buckthorn, Acerola)
– prevents hemorrhoids (++)
– regulates the nervous system (+)
– depression, stress, anxiety (+)
– aerial disinfectant (++) (synergy with Cinnamon, Thyme)

Protection of the Liver, Kidneys, Bladder and Pancreas – Digestion – Diet

digestion– effectively combats constipation (+++) (synergy with Aloe vera, Spirulina)
– fermentation, putrefaction (++) (synergy with Cinnamon, Thyme)
– promotes dieting, weight loss, fights obesity (++) (synergy with Acai berry, Garcinia, Spirulina)
– promotes the removal of toxins (++)
– appetiser, light appetite stimulant (+)
– liver failure, bladder failure, promotes the healthy functioning of the liver and gall bladder (+++) (Lemon is a particularly effective remedy)
– protects the liver, hepatoprotecive (++) (synergy with Turmeric, Desmodium, Milk thistle)
– hangover (+++) (synergy with Guarana, Peppermint, Turmeric)
– faster removal of toxic substances (including alcohol) from the blood (++)
– jaundice, whites of the eyes turning yellow (++)
– dysentery, infectious diarrhea (++) (synergy with Cinnamon, Thyme)
– protects the entire digestive system from infection (++)
– fights gastric acid, relieves heartburn (++)
– destroys intestinal parasites, candidiasis (++) (Lemon fights candida albicans) (synergy with Propolis, Garlic, Echinacea)
– kidney stones, urinary calculi, gallstones (lithiasis) (++)
– reduces uric acid (++)
– diuretic, increases need to urinate (++)
– urinary infections, cystitis, urethritis (++) (synergy with Echinacea, Cranberry, Cinnamon)
– pancreatic failure, protects the pancreas (+++)


Protection of the cardiovascular system – Blood circulation – Blood purifier

coeur– prevention of cardiovascular disease (++) (synergy with Omega-3, Garlic, Rhodiola)
– prevents the formation of blood clots (++)
– capillary fragility (+++) (Lemon is excellent)
– varicose veins, phlebitis, edema, heavy legs (+++)
– reduces high blood pressure (++) (synergy with Omega-3, Garlic)
– improves blood circulation (++) (synergy with Ginkgo Biloba, Turmeric, Spirulina)
– poor cerebral blood circulation (++) (synergy with Ginkgo Biloba, Guarana, Rhodiola)
– atherosclerosis, cholesterol, lipid deposits on arterial walls (+++) (Lemon is especially effective in combination with Turmeric and Ginger)
– balances different cardiac functions (++) (synergy with Omega-3, Rhodiola)
– tones the heart (+++)
– blood purifier, cleans the blood (++) (synergy with Turmeric, Cinnamon, Garlic)
– anemia, lack of red blood cells or hemoglobin (++)


Skin Protection – Hair – Nails – Eyes

peau– quickly stops nose bleeds (+++) (internal and external usage of whole Lemons)
– quickly stops hemorrhages, especially gastric and uterine hemorrhages (+++) (internal and external usage of whole Lemons)
– fortifies hair (++) (internal and external usage) (synergy with Spirulina, Common Nettle, Royal Jelly)
– promotes skin healing (++) (synergy with Aloe vera, Propolis) (external usage of whole Lemons; avoid direct application of Lemon essential oil to the skin)
– measles, chickenpox, shingles, herpes, scabies (+)
– removal of verrucas (++)
– oily skin (++)
– cracked skin, chafing, chilblain (+)
– burns, sunburn (++) (synergy with Aloe vera, Propolis, Honey)
– wounds, abrasions, injuries (++) (synergy with Aloe vera, Propolis)
– protection from radiation (+) (synergy with Aloe vera)
– hives, itching (+) (external usage)
– impetigo, skin infections (+++)
– wrinkles, stretch marks (+)
– prevention of eye disease (+)
– decongests and cleans the eyes (+) (two drops of whole Lemon)

Teeth – Mouth – Throat

bouche– sore throat, tonsillitis, infection of the tonsils (++) (synergy with Propolis, Honey, Echinacea, Thyme)
– fights mouth ulcers (++) (mouthwash)
– white teeth (+++) (caution is advised because, according to some dentists, citrus fruits such as Lemon attack tooth enamel)
– prevention of cavities (++)
– disinfection of the mouth (++) (synergy with Propolis, Garlic)
– bad breath (+) (synergy with Propolis, Peppermint, Activated carbon)
– motion sickness (+) (synergy with Ginger)
– preservation of foods and fruit, vegetable and plant juices (+++) (traditional usage) (Lemon is an excellent natural preservative)


Joint and tendon pains – Inflammations

– anti-inflammatory (+) (synergy with Harpagophytum, Turmeric, Ginger)
– tendonitis, painful inflammation of the tendons (+) (synergy with Harpagophytum)
– joint inflammation (+) (synergy with Harpagophytum, Turmeric)
– arthritis, osteoarthritis (+)
– gout, rheumatism (++)



Lemon: Origins

Lemon Tree

Lemon (Citrus limon) is a citrus fruit that grows on Lemon trees, and has been cultivated for more than 3,000 years; first in China and India, then in Ancient Greece (the Greeks were very fond of it), followed by the Romans and Persians, as well as the majority of the Mediterranean civilizations. Very commonly used in ancient medicines, Lemon was originally prescribed in the case of flu, colds, fever or snake bite, or for the prevention of various epidemics. In the Middle Ages, Lemon enjoyed a great reputation as it allowed sailors to avoid vitamin C deficiencies and thus prevent diseases such as the infamous scurvy, which ravaged naval crews of the time. Lemon was also used at sea for food preservation and to reduce the risk of contamination by rats, which are repelled by the fruit. Today, Lemon is produced in hot regions: India, Mexico, Argentina, China, the USA (especially California), Turkey, Italy, France and Spain.

Lemon: Composition

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, but also contains a good quantity of potassium, calcium and phosphor. It contains small quantities of iron, copper, magnesium, and vitamin A, as well as several B-group vitamins. Lemon also produces its own essential oil which plays a major role in its medicinal properties, and contains carotenoids and coumarins. Thanks to all these elements, Lemon contains a complex of very powerful antioxidants and possesses antiviral and antibacterial properties that are effective against numerous bacterial strains. Lemon is between Kiwi and Orange in terms of its vitamin C content, making it a good source of vitamin C. It should be noted that Lemon is not as rich in vitamin C as Goji berry, Acerola or Sea Buckthorn; however, the medicinal benefits of Lemon are not restricted to its high vitamin C content.

Lemon: Dosage

The daily consumption of Lemon or Lime is excellent for health, but the effects differ depending on whether they are taken with or between meals. With meals, Lemon improves digestion and facilitates the work of the digestive organs, including the liver, stomach, intestines and pancreas. Between meals, Lemon essentially has a cleaning action. Lemon is often consumed as a juice, but it can also be eaten whole. Every part of the Lemon is good, even the pips (however, they should not be eaten if the Lemon has been treated with chemical products). There are also Lemon-based essential oils, which contain a concentrate of Lemon’s properties. There is no prescribed dosage so to speak for Lemon, but many herbalists recommend courses of treatment with Lemon (especially at the changing of the seasons) to restore vitality and purify the body. A course of treatment lasts 2-3 consecutive weeks on average, with 2-3 Lemons per day in the first week, followed by 3-5 in the second week, increasing to 10 per day for those who can tolerate it (the dose should be increased gradually, always taking into account the body’s signals, in order to avoid extreme detox reactions caused by Lemon). A course of treatment with Lemon juice is very effective for reinforcing and purifying the entire body. It is also possible to add Lemon to various dishes and herbal teas; for example, a herbal tea with a few drops of Lemon, some Cinnamon, Honey and Thyme can be effective in fighting flu and colds. Lemon is also used in the form of an essential oil, but care should be taken not to apply the oil to the mucous membranes as it carries a strong risk of burning. Finally, Lemon can be used to preserve foods and fresh vegetable and plant juices.

Lemon: Ultimate effects, benefits, virtues

Lemon is a very powerful antibiotic and antiseptic. Its action on viruses is also significant, albeit more narrow than its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which are effective against a large number of bacterial strains. Lemon is thus a good remedy for short-term fatigue and for all winter ailments (cold, sore throat, headache and flu). Lemon is also known to put a rapid stop to all internal and external hemorrhages, as well as healing and disinfecting the skin (acne, oily skin, zits, herpes, cracked skin, chilblain…). In herbal medicine, it is one of the best remedies for nose bleeds and other cuts and wounds. Lemon and Lime are effective in cleaning the blood and lymph, and are very effective in stimulating the pancreas and kidneys. They are also particularly effective in draining the liver and gallbladder (making them a major remedy for hangover and food/drug poisoning). Lemon helps to reduce high blood pressure, and it should be noted that blood pressure regulation is even more effective when Lemon is combined with Garlic and Omega-3. Several studies have also demonstrated the antioxidant properties of Lemon, and its possible benefits for preventing or slowing the progression of cancer and tumors. However, these studies are in need of confirmation, especially in order to determine the role of Lemon in treating different types of cancer. It should be noted that Lemon’s antioxidant properties are not as powerful as the antioxidants found in spices such as Turmeric, Cinnamon, Clove and Ginger.

Lemon: Side-effects, contraindications

Lemon is a safe fruit; however, in high doses or when used long-term, Lemon can have a tendency to be (overly) forceful in removing toxins. It is a powerful purifier of the whole body, and due to its tendency to rapidly remove toxins from the body, it is advisable to start by consuming a small quantity (half a lemon) daily, so that the body can use the active ingredients of the plant gradually, thereby avoiding extreme detoxification. There are no notable side effects, apart from the possibility of diarrhea when the dosage is too high, and pain linked to the removal of toxins. Courses of treatment with Lemon can easily reach 10 Lemons per day for those who can tolerate it, but in general, even one Lemon per day can be a lot, especially for those who are overweight or living in polluted environments, or for those with a lifestyle that involves the consumption of a large quantity of toxins – it is thus necessary to be cautious in increasing dosage. As regards Lemon essential oil, this should not be applied directly to the skin or the mucous membranes due to the risk of burning. Instead it should be mixed with virgin vegetable oil.

Lemon: Opinions of experts

Lemon is safe, inexpensive, accessible to all, and very effective in cleansing the entire body. The regular consumption of Lemon helps to effectively purify the blood, skin, lymph, intestines, liver and pancreas, and improves digestion while destroying bad germs, bacteria and other harmful fungi. It is interesting to note that people who consume Cannabis (see the medicinal properties of Cannabis) have had success in completely suppressing the THC level in their blood by consuming a large quantity of Lemons over the course of a single day – normally, THC remains in the blood for several weeks.

It should also be noted that, like many citrus fruits (Lime, Orange, Grapefruit…), Lemon is highly astringent and is thus particularly active on the lymphatic and hepatic (liver, gallbladder) systems, giving it a tendency to sometimes act too strongly in bodies containing a high level of toxins. If this happens, dosage should be reduced, then reincreased gradually, because when the active ingredients of Lemon set off such a big reaction, this is the body’s way of showing that it has a strong need for these ingredients in order for deep cleaning to occur.

Lemon: More information

Make sure the Lemon (or Lime) you consume is fresh, and make sure to keep it in a cool, dry place in order to preserve all the fruit’s properties and active ingredients. A dry, dehydrated yellow Lemon can be easily recognized by its softer, darker skin – in such lemons, the active ingredients will be greatly reduced. It is not recommended to consume the seeds of Lemons that have grown in areas at risk of contamination by soil pollution: indeed, the seed is the part of the Lemon that absorbs the most pollutants, as well as pesticides and other chemical products. If possible, choose whole, organic Lemons, or use a high-quality essential oil. It is interesting to note that Lemon is effective in activating the active ingredients in other medicinal plants, fruits or vegetables, thereby making them bioavailable, and that it is also used for their preservation.

Lemon: Combination with other plants

Lemon combines effectively with Echinacea (stimulation of the immune system, prevention of flu and winter illnesses), Honey and Propolis (skin healing, sore throat, tonsillitis, flu, immune system), Aloe vera (skin problems, burns, healing, blood circulation), Ginseng and Rhodiola (energy, vitality, overwork, concentration, memory, cerebral circulation), Tribulus and Maca (tone the body, energy, reinforce vital functions, powerful natural aphrodisiac), Ginger and Turmeric (participate in the prevention of cancer, purify the blood, reinforce and stimulate the body), Lemon BalmGuarana and Ginkgo Biloba (blood circulation, headache, concentration), Garlic and Omega-3 (prevention of cardiovascular disease, stimulation of the immune system, blood pressure regulation), Acai berry, Garcinia and Spirulina (promote dieting while preventing deficiencies), as well as medicinal plants in the form of herbal teas such as Cinnamon, Thyme, Oregano and Rosemary (cough, fatigue, lungs, sore throat).

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